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Character name: Alicia Croix
Gender: Female
Species: Homunculus
Class: Thief
Canon Source: Ragnarok Online
Canon Format: MMORPG
Age: Estimated to be 3 years old. Appears to be in her late teens, early twenties.

Likes: Desserts, Mechanical Trinkets, Jewelry
Dislikes: Lightning, Coffee, Ghosts
Hobbies: Writing, Sewing, Treasure Hunting
Family: Almaz "Almond Crush" Croix(Adopted Father), Blueberry Tea(Adopted Mother)

Background: Some people are born, live a life and then a born again when some event in life forces them to start anew. For Alicia, life for her began as Wickebine Tres. Perhaps more specifically, it began with her as an artificial recreation of Wickebine Tres -a homunculus born in a clandestine laboratory hidden deep beneath the slums of Lighthalzen. Born a product of the Rekenber Corporation's research.

Years after the facility had been seemingly abandoned, the homunculus continued to be produced by the virtually autonomous machinery down there -only to be slaughtered wholesale by adventurers seeking battle experience and what valuables the homunculus would sometimes carry. Called monsters, they were dehumanized and stripped of any human consideration and perhaps quite rightly so. For those of her kind possessed only the drive to fight and kill any that they perceived as different from them. Numerous, swift and brutal; many such adventurers met their ends in that laboratory.

For the homunculus that would later be given the name "Alicia", life started out that way. A party of adventurers began their raid into the laboratory with the horde of artificial humans responding with the violence they'd become spoken of in hushed tones around tavern tables for. A wizard's Juptiel Thunder spell ended up taking her squarely in the chest and with such force, threw her back. The impact was vicious -perhaps stronger than even the caster had expected. A weakened section of wall gave when she struck and her body went tumbling into the abysmal network of sewage pipes, water mains and varied plumbing that somehow kept the laboratory operational. And yet there was fortune in this. While no doctor or scientist that she's trusted to examine her can figure out why, Alicia suspects that there was something in that painful jolt that changed the way her thoughts flowed in her head -though signs of such change wouldn't show for some time.

With a splash her body somehow found a pool where waste water from the laboratory was dumped. And on that particular evening, another pair of adventurers happened by that pool on their way to the secret entrance. It would end up that the pair would be two people who would become very important to her.

Shocked and initially believing her to be nothing more than another downed adventurer, the first of the pair rushed to her aid. A man, a mastersmith whom his companion called "Almond". Her body struggled to breathe as he pulled her from where it floated and dragged her to the shore. Immediately, the second of the pair came over to help. A woman who Almond called "Blueberry". Using some work lights kept in his cart, Almond lit the surroundings up enough for his companion to begin treating the homunculus' injuries. It was during this examinations that they saw her crimson eye color and found the Rekenber identification number tattooed behind her right ear. Fearful, Almond hastily drew his axe and asked his companion to step away so he could finish the girl off. Still afraid, yet curious at the idea of having a docile homunculus before them, Blueberry asked for him to stay his weapon and for them to instead take the 'girl' in. There was a discussion among the two -it's not like Alicia had been in any condition to hear or understand any of it. But in the end, the pair took her to a nearby inn and then back to their home town of Juno by airship.

When Alicia awoke for the first time since being injured, she found herself laying on a warm bed -restrained at both her wrists and ankles. She struggled and yelped, sounding more animal than human. It took over an hour before she fatigued herself to the point of being unable to continue struggling and it was then that her guard who'd been watching her, Almond came forward and began to feed her soup. Somehow, something clicked in the girl's head and she instinctively knew to drink when the spoon was pressed near her lips. And while she didn't notice at the time, her injuries had been tended to -bandaged and splinted where needed with one of the restraints designed also to immobilize and keep her left arm from moving so that the injury could set properly. Eventually, she would tire and fall asleep, only to repeat this process for the next few days. Sometimes she would wake to Almond, other times to Blueberry and as she would doze off after feeding, she would hear them talking to her. It was strange hearing someone talking to her in a tone like that. While there's little she could specifically remember back then, there were those words that somehow etched themselves into her memory:

You're safe.

Almost a week would have passed and each waking fit would be shorter and shorter. There would be longer periods after 'eating' that would just consist of her watching her caretakers and listening as they spoke to her. By the end of that week, she woke and didn't struggle -instead looking at whoever happened to be in the room at the time expectantly. On one particular day, her voice found use in something other than screaming or howling. She uttered a word curiously at the mastersmith that had been tending to her that morning.


Almond was short for Almond Crush, which in turn was a slightly more battle-hardened-sounding version of Almaz Croix. And that man at the moment wasn't at all sure how to react other than to dart from the room and bring his companion; the biochemist, Blueberry Tea in where the girl uttered not only his name again, but also hers. The pair conversed with each other in hushed tones. Phrases still register in Alicia's memories to this day of some of the things she heard.

We can't have our own.

If she can learn to act like a person, we'd at least be able to skip the diaper phase.

Let's take this one step at a time.

She needs a name.

I like Alicia.

From that day it began. The restraints came off for good and with some help, Alicia left her bed. It was difficult and trying at times; her new 'parents' spent much of the next few months constantly watching her while she was awake and showing her basic living skills. Yet what was perhaps most astounding to them was that the girl learned to speak before they'd even begun trying to teach her. The months stretched into a year, then a little longer. Alicia was functioning as a normal person by all capacities and yet like a child, her personality was slowly shaping itself out.

While her parents were her first contacts as far as other humans went, they were also quick to try socializing her with other children. It was difficult at first; her personality was shaky at times and there were some nuances that took longer than others to pick up. Combine that with the half dozen or so times that the other teens were just mean to her and it made for an exceptionally challenging phase in her life.

At her second year of age, Alicia was indistinguishable from others her age and had even enrolled in the thieves guild. Yet it was also at this point that she decided to ask her parents about the differences she'd always noticed about herself. Among those differences being her crimson eyes and odd tattoo behind her ear that one of her friends had pointed out. Being honest, both parents sat down and told the story of how they came across her and what they were able to figure out as far as her origins. And while at first this news made her uneasy, her parents were quick to remind her that regardless, they loved her as their own and that nothing would change that.

It took time for that shock to pass. Honestly some part of her had always known, always suspected that there was something very unusual about her. But in the coming months -in on and off fits, she would come to term with the truth of her birth. In that time of reflection, she came to decide on accepting an important truth of her own: she was Alicia Croix and nothing would change that.

From there life went on and following in the footsteps of her parents, she's embarked on the life of an adventurer. Though prone to stopping by home to help in either her father's shop or her mother's pharmacy, she spends much of her time out and with others; seeing the world for herself and searching for the next big adventure.

Personality: Though it took a good amount of time for any semblance of a personality to form, Alicia's seems to have stabilized into something fairly consistent now. For the better or worse of things, Almond's frequent doting upon his daughter has imparted a certain air of self-confidence to his daughter that often borders on sheer arrogance. Her typical reaction to most forms of rules or authority -particularly ones that she views as having no basis to apply to her is outright defiance. She holds her head high and has a strong sense of self-worth; believing that determination and ingenuity are all that's needed to save the day. On a downward note, she also seems to have absorbed a degree of fiery temperament -tending to get exceptionally loud and childish when aggravated. However she at least avoids getting violent... unless she's already in the middle of a brawl.

What Alicia learned from her mother, while not always readily apparent, is compassion and understanding for others. She's sympathetic to the plights of the down-trodden, often undertaking ventures to aid others with little compensation from her employer -though she usually makes up for that in items stolen along the way. If wronged and then the offender apologizes to her promptly, she's quick to forgive and even quicker to befriend.

On a downward note, she detests being alone or feeling alone. It doesn't take long in a situation where either sensation registers with her before she plunges into a fairly serious bout of depression. Her origin as a homunculus still often makes her feel out of place in a human world. She's extremely prone to temperamental outbursts that can hastily become violent if her species is brought up in a negative connotation. And whether it's a matter of just something that developed on its own or something lingering from that first fateful spell that shocked her system, Alicia is also easily unnerved by thunder or lightning.

Appearance: Where looks are concerned, Alicia considers herself to be generally above average in most cases. Standing at 5'3", she sports an athletically built frame with particularly good shape and tone to her legs -likely due to all the running her profession forces upon her. Her most noticeable feature is her crimson eyes -a shade of red that whose natural occurrence among humans is rare, if not entirely unheard of. Her hair fairly long, running the entire length of her back, though normally worn up in a pony tail. Behind her right ear is a blank-ink tattoo: Rekenber #27432, identifying her as one of the homunculus produced in the Somatology Laboratory beneath Lighthalzen. It's a mark usually kept concealed by the long wafts of hair that she uses to frame her face.


Alicia is, above most other things, a very agile and skilled knife-fighter. In close quarters and with a small blade, she's able to attack and defend against multiple opponents with the greatest of ease -often managing to inflict multiple lacerations in a single slash. She also has a potent sense of intuition, allowing her an above-average ability to avoid both melee and ranged attacks.

Through training as a thief and being the daughter of a well-known pharmacist; Alicia is also exceptionally skilled in the production and application of varied toxic compounds as well as their appropriate antidotes.

Naturally, her profession also has trained her well in the arts of theft. She's capable of picking a wide variety of locks -an ability that becomes outright uncanny if given access to a proper tool kit. There are few purely mechanical locks that she can't overcome, though even simple magic will make her task a great deal more difficult. Her natural agility and cat-like balance also facilitates her ability to make a quick escape either through rooftops or at street level. Her own resourcefulness also makes her quite capable when it comes to improvising a disguise or hiding place to elude pursuers.

Game Mechanic Terms:
Double Strike 10
Improve Dodge 10
Envenom 10
Detoxify 1
Hiding 2
Steal 10

Spoken/Written languages: Language isn't really Alicia's strong point. She's literate in and can speak the common language of the Rune Midgarts Kingdom, but that's about the extent of it. Thankfully, virtually everyone -even those in the adjoining Republic of Schwartzvald and the Arunafeltz States speaks that language. Her only issues are the odd ventures to Umbala, Kunlun, Louyang, Amatsu or Moscovia, where she often needs to rely on a guide or translator to communicate properly.


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